Homemade natural cosmetics from my magic kitchen

Circular facial care - sustainable beauty of your skin
Raido Gesichtscreme Männer
Tonisierende, tiefenwirkende und glättende Tagespflege mit einem Hauch von Zedernholz Shop
Raido Gesichtsöl Männer
Beruhigende, regenerierende und langwirkende Nachtpflege mit einem Duft für entspannende Träume. Shop
Kansa Wand Unisex
Massage-Stab zur Freisetzung gestauter Energie. Stimuliert die Blutzirkulation und den Lymphfluss, wirkt antibakteriell und wundheilend. Shop
Inguz Gesichtsöl Frauen
Regenerierende und aufbauende Nachtpflege, bekämpft freie Radikale im Schlaf. Für ein erholsames Aufwachen Shop
Guasha Unisex
Rosenquartz zur Massage und Lymphdrainage für Schläfen, Hals und Kiefermuskulatur in multifunktioneller Form. Regt die Kollagenproduktion der Haut an Shop
Inguz Gesichtscreme Frauen
Antioxidative und tiefenwirkende Tagespflege für ein balanciertes Hautbild mit einem Bouquet von Edelweiß und Rose Shop

Radiant and firm skin through pure nature

Your skin ages more slowly and you experience lasting regeneration, so you look younger and healthier and radiate positive energy towards others – thanks to organic edelweiss from Switzerland. Edelweiss has a lipid-regulating, cell-regenerating and moisturising effect.

Deeper layers are stimulated through the use of essential oils, which serve as a means of transport.

Your skin is protected in a natural way. The synergy of the 5 oil groups used has anti-aging effect – leads to maximum protection against free radicals.

You do not use any chemicals at all. Chemical ingredients can make the skin radiant in the short term, but in the medium term they dry out the skin, resulting in an after-cream effect. In addition, chemical ingredients in cream are suspected of being carcinogenic.

You do something good for the environment and for disadvantaged people.


Certified natural cosmetics

Lack of transparency and trust – that’s how I felt. In an oversupply of cosmetics, it was impossible for me to find the product I was looking for – a cream without chemical ingredients, which brings the skin in perfect condition, and is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

This led me to prepare my first cream myself – for myself and for others.

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Circular concept

Deliberately, my cream has a shelf life of only 6 months, because I use only vegetable preservation.

My facial oils, lip balms and soaps don’t require any preservation at all and still have the same shelf life.

In my cosmetics you will never find harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicones, mineral oils, no alcohols, perfumes, dyes, also no inferior oils such as soybean oil or neutral oil caprylic.

JIT – no stock for cream, everything freshly cooked especially for you – hand stirred.

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Circular supports the “Hektar-Nektar” bee conservation project, whose goal is to increase the bee population by 10% within the next ten years.

With every Circular product you buy, you adopt 10 bees. You contribute a significant part to stop the death of bees.

Sustainability is present in all my processes, long before the cosmetics are made and long after you have used them.

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