Apricot kernel oil


B-1 group (base oils with high oleic acid content). Apricot kernel oil has a nourishing, soothing effect and helps with dry and chapped skin. It is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue on the skin. It retains moisture and smoothes the skin, and also firms the tissues, leaving the complexion refreshed. Skin firming, revitalizes the skin, increases its elasticity, supports the moisture balance of the skin, cell renewal and stimulates skin metabolism. Apricot kernel oil is used in all our products.

Are parabens harmful?
  Parabens can currently be found in every tenth cosmetic product. Mostly as preservatives. But because they have hormonal effects, they are at least considered questionable. Their long-term effects are largely unexplored. But why are parabens used? On the one hand, they are cheap and on the other hand, they are usually well tolerated. In INCIs you can find them under the names with the suffix "PARABEN": Methylparaben Ethylparaben Propylparaben Butylparaben Isopropylparaben Isobutylparaben Natural cosmetics (even certified) do not automatically mean that they are free of parabens, so check your natural cosmetics as well. In my cosmetics you will not find parabens at all. To make my face cream last 6 months, I use vegetable preservation from sugar cane bagasse (Pentylene Glycol Natural), vegetable oils (Glyceryl Caprylate) and magnolia tree bark (Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract). And my facial oils do not require any preservation at all, thus I deliberately make them last only 6 months.

CERA FLAVA, demeter, Germany

T-1 group (hard waxes). Comes from dear bees and their demeter beekeeper Bodo Peter. Beeswax contains more than 300 microelements. Its action is similar to the action of vitamin A - regenerates cells while having bactericidal properties. It gives a delicate, enveloping protective film, which is especially desirable for dry, brittle and irritated skin. Our beeswax is not bleached and is used in demeter lip balm nourishing.

Carrot seed oil essential


Is a source of vitamins (A, B, C, E and F) that contribute to the regeneration of the skin, has anti-inflammatory, revitalizing and rejuvenating effect, supports the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, burns and scars. In addition, carrot gives the skin a beautiful healthy complexion.

Carrot seed oil is a real light bringer. It has a grounding, centering and relaxing effect on our mind, takes away pent-up anger and replaces it with calm and serenity. Carrot oil is in our facial oils RAIDO and INGUZ content.

Cedarwood essential oil


Cedar oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Due to various ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. cedar oil can promote blood circulation as well as tighten the skin. The essential oil is also said to soothe impurities of the skin.

Cedar symbolizes dignity and strength, has a positive effect on our concentration and mood. Your mind and body will come to rest, you will see the life goals more clearly and your future you will approach with more serenity.

Cocoa butter


Cocoa butter has a skin-soothing effect on irritated, chapped skin and creates a wonderfully velvety-soft skin feeling. Especially suitable for dry and brittle skin. Due to the high content of saturated stearic and palmitic acid, it has a film-forming and visibly refatting effect. Unrefined cocoa butter is used in our demeter lip balm, which keeps the lips very supple and nourished for a long time.

Cornflower water


Cornflower hydrolate, organic has soothing, decongestant, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the cornflower water has a vitalizing effect on dry, mature skin and is helpful for redness and couperose. One of the few plants that can be used without hesitation in the eye areas.

Exactly the cornflower water owns the first place in INCIs our face creams.

Edelweiss extract


These plants are the emblem of the Alps, and only cultivated plants are used for this extract and no wild growth. Few plants combine as many active ingredients as the graceful edelweiss. Thus, the edelweiss has an antibacterial and antioxidant effect and free radicals can therefore be better bound. This in turn counteracts skin aging. The high tannin content has an equally protective effect. The tannins have a skin tightening effect and the flavonoids protect the vessels. Phenylprobane derivatives have an astringent effect. Blood circulation is stimulated, cell activity is increased and skin renewal is thus stimulated.

We use three media to extract the active ingredients from the edelweiss - vegetable glycerin, water and organic sunflower oil. GW Edelweiss extract is used in face cream, and oil extract in face oil. At the same time the extracts are completely without preservatives.

Evening primrose oil


W-2 group (active ingredient oils with high γ-linolenic acid content). Evening primrose oil is characterized by its exceptionally high content of linoleic acid and the rare Ɣ-linolenic acid ("gamma-linolenic acid" pronounced). Evening primrose oil is predestined both internally and externally for scaly, inflamed and dermatitic skin. Essential fatty acids (the name given to fatty acids that cannot be produced by the body itself) are essential building blocks for the synthesis of phospholipids, from which the membranes of skin cells are formed. Studies have shown that linoleic and γ-linolenic acids, when applied topically (i.e. externally), are incorporated into the lipid structures of the skin and regenerate it; skin roughness and transepidermal water loss were significantly reduced. Impure skin also benefits from formulations containing this oil.

You can find evening primrose oil in our facial oils.

Glycerin vegetable

GLYCERIN, vegetable

Our vegetable glycerin is the part of organic edelweiss extract. It is used as an extracting medium to extract the valuable active ingredients from the Edelweiss. In addition, glycerin has an impressive hydrating effect and significantly exceeds that of urea. In addition, it has a barrier-protecting effect and promotes skin elasticity.

Depending on the concentration, glycerin draws water upwards from the basal layer (stratum basale) to varying degrees and holds it in the horny layer, the stratum corneum - but it does not allow it to evaporate. Warnings regarding an alleged dehydrating effect refer exclusively to very high dosages of 30 % or more and only prove the effectiveness of this active ingredient - at the above recommended use concentration of less than 10 % (according to the specialist literature) there is no danger whatsoever. In our facial creams glycerin with an application amount below 4% is content.

Glyceryl Caprylate


The purely vegetable, natural cosmetics compliant Glyceryl Caprylate is a monoester of the fatty acid caprylic acid and glycerin. It is obtained from various plant oils and is actively effective against bacteria, yeasts and molds. In addition, Glyceryl Caprylate has a moisturizing and moisture-regulating effect.

Gold of pleasure oil

CAMELINA SATIVA OIL, demeter, Germany

W-1 group (active ingredient oils with high α-linolenic acid content). Besides linseed oil, chia oil and perilla oil, gold-of-pleasure oil is the only natural source of the essential alpha-linolenic acid with a higher omega-3 fatty acid content than omega-6 fatty acid content. Also noteworthy is the high content of γ-tocopherol (a specific form of vitamin E). Gold of pleasure oil provides the skin with nutrients. It is perfect for the care of dry and sensitive skin and for the treatment of small external injuries and support of wound healing.

We used gold of pleasure oil in our demeter lip balm.

Immortelle oil essential


The sun-loving immortelle, also known as strawflower, has its home in dry, stony locations of the Mediterranean countries. The scent of immortelle hydrolate is somewhat reminiscent of fresh hay in the glow of summer heat. Immortelle has a soothing effect and cares for particularly stressed skin. Furthermore, it has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.

Immortelle gives us warmth and security, especially in times of change. It has a balancing, energizing and grounding effect on our soul and spirit. Immortelle oil is used in our INGUZ face cream to support women's energy.

Jojoba oil


B0 group (Stabilizing Base Oils). The golden yellow jojoba oil is actually a soft melting wax known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. The mixture of provitamin A, B vitamins and natural vitamin E makes jojoba oil a powerful antioxidant that has a stabilizing effect on the skin's protective barrier and protects against environmental influences. The high content of eicosenoic acid of over 70%, ensures well-groomed skin and gives it noticeably more elasticity and tone. Jojoba oil is very stable and is in all our face care products content.



LYSOLECITHIN, non-GMO, Netherlands

which is derived from soybeans, serves as a co-emulsifier in emulsions and is responsible for the pleasant skin feel. With lysolecithin, the cream appears "lighter", more supple, less greasy, less stopping or film-forming, has a more moisturizing effect and seems to be absorbed more quickly. Lysolethin gives the cream a very nice texture and a pleasant feel.

You can find lysolecithin in both of our face creams.

Magnolia Bark Extract


is extracted from the bark of the magnolia tree and is a multifunctional active ingredient that, in addition to its antimicrobial effects, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Although not listed as a preservative in cosmetic regulations, magnolia extract shows pronounced activity against molds and yeasts and moderate activity against bacteria. Magnolia extract is used in our face creams to naturally extend their shelf life.

Olivem 1000

Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Ecocert, France

Vegetable emulsifier extracted from olives. It is the only emulsifier that offers a deep moisturizing effect with excellent spreadability and no soap effect. It is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin.

Pentylene glycol natural


Pentylene Glycol, natural is made from sugar cane bagasse. Is an ideal moisturizer for the skin. The skin is better moisturized, looks much more radiant and feels better. At the same time Pentylene Glycol natural helps to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the skin.

With us, Pentylene Glycol Natural is in both face creams and helps them last 6 months without synthetic preservatives.

Rose geranium essential oil


Rose geranium oil tightens tissues, supports mature and tired skin and has a balancing effect on all skin types. It also has a wound-healing, disinfecting effect, promotes the regeneration of skin cells, relieves pain and is best suited for all ages.

Rose geranium oil can have an uplifting, euphoric, soothing and stress-relieving effect on our mind and soul. In difficult situations, it gives self-confidence and optimism to solve problems harmoniously.

Rose oil essential


Rose is also called the queen of flowers and associated with beauty, femininity and romance. Its properties are sweet, fresh, soft, velvety and it smells sensual, floral, sweet and beguiling. Rose has astringent, toning and refreshing effects. Rose essential oil has an anti-aging effect and nourishes dry and mature skin. In addition, it helps against impurities thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time roses help balance the hormonal system.

The rose has an all-round harmonizing, sensual and euphoric effect. It gives us a sense of balance and harmony, enchants us in a fragrance that enchants, seduces and inspires dreams.

We use organic rose essential oil from Bulgaria in our INGUZ facial care products to help women blossom in their femininity.

Rosehip seed oil

ROSA CANINA SEED OIL, organic, Bulgaria

W1 group (active ingredient oils with a large α-linolenic acid content). Wild rose oil supports skin regeneration, stimulates cell renewal and is ideal for the treatment of dry, scaly skin, pigment spots and scars. Virgin wild rose oil, reddish yellow due to the high content of carotenoids, has a regenerating effect that promotes blood circulation and collagen production, which helps the skin to better retain its own water.

Rosehip used to be considered the symbol of affection, love, fertility and worship of the dead.

Sea buckthorn pulp oil


W-3 group (active ingredient oils with rare acids). The sea buckthorn extract contains the rarely occurring palmitoleic acid, which is also a component of skin fat. It stimulates regenerative processes in the epidermis and promotes wound healing. Therefore, sea buckthorn extract contributes to the activation of skin regeneration and minimization of scars. The other unsaturated fatty acids present in the extract increase skin hydration. The orange-red color of sea buckthorn pulp oil due to the high content of carotenoids has cell regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is excellent for mature skin because it stimulates skin's own metabolic processes and the formation of new cells. Damaged skin (e.g. due to a sunburn) also benefits from the anti-inflammatory effects of this oil.

We use German organic sea buckthorn pulp oil in both of our facial oils.

Sesame oil


B-2 group (base oils with a large proportion of linoleic acid and oleic acid).  Sesame oil is an excellent carrier oil for active ingredients and is able to regenerate the lipid layers of the horny layer due to its content of phytosterols and linoleic acid. It has a very pleasant and intensive nourishing effect on sallow skin prone to dryness.

We used sesame oil in our nourishing lip balm.

Shea butter


T1 group (hard waxes and butters). Shea butter regulates the moisture content of the skin and has a refatting, soothing and smoothing effect. Its unsaponifiable content strengthens the lipid barrier of the horny layer and predestines shea butter for the treatment of dry, neurodermitic and barrier-disrupted skin. It is considered to be extremely well tolerated, relaxes irritated and stressed skin. We use unrefined shea butter in our Inguz and Raido face cream.

Squalane from olive



Sunflower oil


B3 group (base oils with a large proportion of linoleic acid). Due to the high linoleic acid content and the relatively low proportion of saturated fatty acids, sunflower oil is a light, non-sticking and mildly nourishing oil. The cosmetically effective α-tocopherol content has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the oil's absorption capacity.

I do not use sunflower oil as a base oil, as there are higher quality oils that can bring more active ingredients to the skin. However, sunflower oil is a perfect extracting medium, as it has a long shelf life and is quite stable. With the help of sunflower oil, our edelweiss extract is obtained (so-called macerate). Sunflower oil is also used as a carrier for the natural vitamin E.

As a vitamin E carrier you will find sunflower oil in all our products. As an extracting medium for edelweiss extract in Raido and Inguz facial oils.

Vetiver oil essential


Vitamin E natural



AQUA, Germany

Wheat Germ Oil


Xanthan vegetable

XANTHAN GUM, Ecocert, Germany

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