Raido Gesichtscreme Männer
Tonisierende, tiefenwirkende und glättende Tagespflege mit einem Hauch von Zedernholz Shop
Raido Gesichtsöl Männer
Beruhigende, regenerierende und langwirkende Nachtpflege mit einem Duft für entspannende Träume. Shop
Kansa Wand Unisex
Massage-Stab zur Freisetzung gestauter Energie. Stimuliert die Blutzirkulation und den Lymphfluss, wirkt antibakteriell und wundheilend. Shop
Guasha Unisex
Rosenquartz zur Massage und Lymphdrainage für Schläfen, Hals und Kiefermuskulatur in multifunktioneller Form. Regt die Kollagenproduktion der Haut an Shop
Inguz Gesichtsöl Frauen
Regenerierende und aufbauende Nachtpflege, bekämpft freie Radikale im Schlaf. Für ein erholsames Aufwachen Shop
Inguz Gesichtscreme Frauen
Antioxidative und tiefenwirkende Tagespflege für ein balanciertes Hautbild mit einem Bouquet von Edelweiß und Rose Shop

Circular Concept

Protect yourself, your skin and your environment

Conventional cosmetics. Of course, it is generally known that natural cosmetics are fundamentally more compatible and healthier for the skin than conventional cosmetics.

Just think of parabens, silicones, mineral oils, microplastics, which are mostly harmful to health and are suspected of being carcinogenic. You will find an overview in extracts.

Parabens. Parabens can currently be found in every tenth cosmetic product. Mostly as preservatives. But because they have hormonal effects, they are at least considered questionable. Their long-term effects are largely unexplored.

But why are parabens used? On the one hand, they are cheap and on the other hand, they are usually well tolerated. In INCIs you can find them as:

  • • Methylparaben
  • • Ethylparaben
  • • Propylparaben
  • • Butylparaben
  • • Isopropylparaben
  • • Isobutylparaben

You will not find parabens in my cosmetics at all. To make my face cream last 6 months, I use vegetable preservation from sugar cane bagasse (Pentylene Glycol Natural), vegetable oils (Glyceryl Caprylate) and magnolia tree bark (Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract). My facial oils do not require any preservation at all, thus I deliberately make them last only 6 months.

Silicones. Hardly any creams do without silicones. According to appearances, cosmetics containing silicones feel pleasant after the first application. However, caution is advised. From the outside, everything looks smooth, but what’s really happening underneath?

Silicone oils seal our skin, which promotes impurities and acne, and they also dry out the skin in the long term, as the skin has difficulty breathing. As substances foreign to the skin, they have no positive influence on the way the skin functions. In addition, they are difficult to break down in the environment.

Silicones are synthetic polymers. These plastics are produced in the laboratory, usually using petroleum. Hardly any other material seals so well. For this reason, there is also a wide range of applications. For example, for joint sealing as well as for the production of car paints and furniture polishes.

You can recognize them by the ingredients (INCIs) with the endings “-cone” or “-xane”, e.g.

  • • Dimethicone
  • • Methicone
  • • Polysiloxane
  • • Cyclomethicone etc.

My cosmetics do not use silicones at all. To make the skin sustainably smooth and supple, high-quality organic vegetable oils and organic plant extracts are used.

Mineral oils

Mineral oils are derived from petroleum, similar to gasoline or diesel. They have an endless shelf life and are inexpensive. Unfortunately, they seal the skin. As a result, it can no longer breathe properly and becomes sluggish. The skin’s natural regeneration processes are slowed down. In the short term they alleviate the drying of the skin, but in the long term it remains tense and stressed.

Since mineral oils do not penetrate the skin, they are not suitable for transporting active ingredients and vitamins. They are thus ruled out as care products with a genuine anti-aging effect.

Another reason why you should avoid mineral oils is based on a recent study by Stiftung Warentest. Aromatic hydrocarbons were detected in tested products. In short form, these are called MOAH (Mineral Oil Aromatic Hydrocarbons) and MOSH (Mineral Oil Saturated Hydrocarbons). MOSH and MOAH are harmful substances that are potentially carcinogenic.

In INCIs mineral oils can be found as

  • • Cera Microcristallina
  • • Ceresin
  • • Microcrystalline Wax
  • • Mineral Oil
  • • Vaseline
  • • Petrolatum
  • • Paraffinum Liquidum
  • • Paraffinum Subliquidum
  • • Ozokerit

Circular Cosmetics does not use any mineral oils. Instead, organic vegetable oils are used.

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Circular - handmade face care pure nature

Who thinks the same to distinguish also between natural products. Who has not yet done it, should take the time to read the following.

Natural cosmetics do not mean that they are effective. Because even natural cosmetics have “the right” to use inferior ingredients as base oils, such as.

  • • Caprylic neutral oil
  • • Soybean oil
  • • Sunflower oil
  • • Rapeseed oil

These base oils are popular because they are cheap. However, they have little nourishing properties, are not very skin tightening and have no lasting anti-aging effect.

At Circular you will find only high quality cold-pressed organic vegetable oils from different oil groups to achieve maximum effect, such as

  • • Wheat germ oil
  • • Rosehip oil
  • • Sea buckthorn pulp oil
  • • Apricot kernel oil
  • • Jojoba oil
  • • Evening primrose oil

You can find more oils that I use here.

Alcohol or ethyl alcohol are allowed in natural cosmetics and are used as preservatives and emulsifiers. The advantage of these ingredients is that they make the cosmetics long-lasting, but at the expense of sustainability. The skin dries out faster in the medium term and the well-known after-cream effect occurs.

Alternatives are plant-based preservatives derived from sugar cane and corn, such as pentylene glycol (not to be confused with propylene glycol) or magnolia extract, which do not preserve as long but on the contrary moisturize the skin. You can find them in my cosmetics. Another positive effect that results from this is that my cream is absorbed more slowly. This is ideal to give the skin additional massage through Kansa or Guasha, which I also offer you.

Perfume. Please note the difference between perfume and essential oils. Behind the word “perfume” can hide all sorts of things. You don’t know whether you will find synthetic fragrances or essential oils in cream. Why should that be of interest to you?

Besides fragrance, essential oils have effects for the skin, such as skin tightening, anti-aging effect, depth effect. Depth effect in this sense means that valuable oils and plant extracts can be transported to deeper layers of the skin, which is otherwise almost impossible. Perfumes do not have these properties. They only serve to add fragrance to cosmetics.

Vitamins and Retinol (vitamin A). Instead of adding vitamins (retinol) externally – which is often observed in natural cosmetics manufacturers – I use vegetable oils that contain many vitamins, such as wheat germ oil (vitamin E), jojoba oil (vitamins A, B, E), carrot seed oil (vitamins A, B, C, E, F), gold of pleasure oil (vitamin E). Externally added vitamins have more limited spectrum of action, than oils that already contain vitamins by themselves (synergy effect).

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Circular uses active ingredients,

that help the skin to help itself (e.g. no hyaluronic acid or collagen in the cream but plants whose active ingredients help the skin to produce collagen itself).  For this I use organic noble white extract from Switzerland.

These plants are the emblem of the Alps, and only cultivated plants are used for this extract and no wild growth. Few plants combine as many active ingredients as the graceful edelweiss. Thus, the edelweiss has an antibacterial and antioxidant effect, whereby free radicals can be better bound. This in turn counteracts skin aging. The high tannin content has an equally protective effect. The tannins have a skin tightening effect and the flavonoids protect the vessels. Phenylprobane derivatives have an astringent effect. Blood circulation is stimulated, cell activity is increased and skin renewal is thus stimulated.

Slow beauty

Beauty comes not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Stress has a significant influence on the skin. Taking time for yourself and your skin is just as much a part of this as valuable ingredients. You can only achieve a mental balance if you take time and think about how to integrate a beauty ritual into your daily routine. For this I offer additional tools, such as Guasha and Kansa Wand, which free physical and energetic channels of the skin and allow energy to circulate.

As the saying goes: long live sport!

This also applies to your skin. Your skin lives through movement. Movement takes place through musculature. And muscles need to be stimulated. Instead of frantically applying cosmetics to your skin in isolation, you should treat it to a loving, deep-acting massage to revitalize it.

No stock. "It doesn't get fresher than this". Handmade

Circular makes face cream always promptly (just-in-time), so you always get fresh care. In practice it looks like this: I collect your orders until Tuesday evening. Wednesday is “cooking day”, so I make everything fresh and especially for you. I have no remnants and no stock. Therefore: “cooked today, 3 days later at your home”. You have a full 6 months to enjoy the face cream “slow”.

In my own kitchen I cook everything myself, individually and everything by hand. My handmade products are completely without industrial machines. I produce only small batches, which are conjured with love and feeling for you from weighing the ingredients to mixing, dispersing to filling and packaging.


I place the highest value on transparency. No hidden fillers, or incomprehensibly declared ingredients.  With me you will find to each product next to the Latin INCIs – which is required by law, a generally understandable list of ingredients. In addition, I describe in “CIRCULARpedia” the effect of all ingredients and their function in cosmetics.

Transparency for me also means that you know where the raw materials for my products come from and how I process them in my kitchen. All processes are carried out according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and for each product there is a safety assessment and a laboratory analysis.

With pleasure I invite you to me to look a little behind the scenes.

Environment and sustainability

Whether you pay attention to whether your current cosmetics that you use are delivered packaged or filled in plastic jars is of course up to you and will not negatively affect the health of your skin. But if you go one step further and think about your environment, you should also think about this.

Circular cosmetics come in a purple glass jar with a sustainable wooden lid. This glass is environmentally friendly and does not allow sunlight to pass through. No pollutants from microplastics are released into the environment.

My cosmetics also come without outer packaging. It is delivered in a beautiful linen bag, which is environmentally friendly and that you can reuse as often as you like. Thus, additional resources are conserved.

I also make sure, as far as possible, to keep transport routes to a minimum, in order to contain globalization somewhat. So my vegetable oils come from Europe, only organic shea butter comes from kbA in Ghana to support the fair women’s work there.

In addition, with your purchase I support the bee conservation project “Hektar-Nektar”, whose goal is to increase the bee population by ten percent within the next ten years. With every Circular product purchased, 10 bees are adopted.

Circular cosmetics do not contain bee-harmful substances found in non-organic raw materials, such as pesticides, insecticides, etc.

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