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Behind our natural cosmetics are our hands and our heart

Lack of transparency and trust – that’s how I felt. In an oversupply of cosmetics, it was impossible for me to find the product I was looking for – a cream without chemical ingredients, which brings the skin in perfect condition, and is environmentally friendly and sustainable. This was really a pity…

This led me, to my great happiness, to prepare my first cream myself – for myself and for others.

Back when I was 16, I started using cream regularly because my skin was very dry. No cream satisfied me – the skin was nourished only for a short time, a few hours later dry patches appeared again. I was very disappointed and had to take the cream everywhere to apply it several times during the day.

A few years later I understood that it is better to use natural cosmetics. Nevertheless, my skin was not satisfied. Then I started to “study” INCIs to find out what all creams have in common and why they do not suit me.

At 25, I understood that not all natural cosmetics are the same. I used to think that it is “only” important that the product has the word “nature” on it, so that it is also healthy and skin-friendly. I even trusted certified natural cosmetics with a seal and later found out that even these do not guarantee 100% natural ingredients.

I bought expensive natural products from well-known manufacturers, only to find out quite sadly that they hardly contain any organic raw materials. I had also paid little attention to the environmental aspect. I ordered cream in plastic containers, which were also double or triple packed. A no-go for the environment.

And since I no longer knew who or what to trust, I decided to develop my first own cream.

10 years of learning, development and research, yoga tours and herbal tours, where I learned to love and appreciate Edelweiss from Switzerland have brought me happily to my goal – Edelweiss natural cosmetics without seals, but with 100% natural and valuable ingredients that tighten the skin and sustainably protect the environment.

Inguz Gesichtscreme Frauen
Antioxidative und tiefenwirkende Tagespflege für ein balanciertes Hautbild mit einem Bouquet von Edelweiß und Rose
Guasha Unisex
Rosenquartz zur Massage und Lymphdrainage für Schläfen, Hals und Kiefermuskulatur in multifunktioneller Form. Regt die Kollagenproduktion der Haut an
Inguz Gesichtsöl Frauen
Regenerierende und aufbauende Nachtpflege, bekämpft freie Radikale im Schlaf. Für ein erholsames Aufwachen
Raido Gesichtsöl Männer
Beruhigende, regenerierende und langwirkende Nachtpflege mit einem Duft für entspannende Träume.
Raido Gesichtscreme Männer
Tonisierende, tiefenwirkende und glättende Tagespflege mit einem Hauch von Zedernholz
Kansa Wand Unisex
Massage-Stab zur Freisetzung gestauter Energie. Stimuliert die Blutzirkulation und den Lymphfluss, wirkt antibakteriell und wundheilend.

Natural cosmetics for men

At the same time I understood that facial care only with cream is not enough. To help the skin to regenerate even at night, there are additional means – facial oil, which is applied in the evening with deep-acting massage. For this I have developed my own formula for night care – Edelweiss facial oil, lovingly applied in a ritual with guasha from rose quartz.

I got further impetus from my husband, as he also could not cope with any conventional facial care. Based on the knowledge I already had in the development of my women’s series, I created one for menday cream, night oil and Kansa Wand for facial massage. In combination, an efficient anti-aging package.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the bathroom, we both had to learn to make time for the daily ritual to activate the flow of energy. That’s why I named my series accordingly – INGUZ for women and RAIDO for men.

INGUZ, the rune of fertility stands for harmony and order in relationships. It wants to remind you that energy follows attention and that you may trust your intuition unconditionally. The same intuitive harmony and order your skin expects from you.

RAIDO leads you on the path to inner contentment, creates balance and helps you to use your own potential in the best sense. RAIDO would like to invite you to take a journey to your soul, to free the inner child from its self-imposed prisons. Through the communication and reconciliation within, the development towards the Higher Self and the unification with oneself can be accomplished. Concepts like harmony, order and ritual are in the foreground. My facial care shall help you to give your skin this satisfaction and balance.

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